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Grounding Techniques

By on 20 March 2015 in General

Grounding TechniquesWhen a seizure is about to happen, you go into what is known as a dissociative state which is why you may feel as if you are detached from your surroundings or as if the room is moving around, a feeling of unreality. Not everyone gets this kind of feeling, sometimes known as an ‘aura. If you don’t get a warning then grounding won’t work for you.

As a way to combat that weird feeling and to try and stop the seizure from occuring, you can try sensory grounding. This is a way of bringing your focus back into the present moment. Some techniques that may be useful are:

  • where to buy modafinil singapore Reorienting: Ask yourself some questions such as ‘where am I’, ‘what’s the date today?’, ‘who is the current Prime Minister?’, ‘what’s the capital of Japan?’ etc. By focusing on these types of questions, you can reorient yourself back in the present.
  • Roeselare Counting: Try counting backwards from 100 in sevens or remembering your eleven times table, or perhaps adding up the numbers in your birth date and dividing by three. Anything that helps you to really focus your mind in the present.
  • Markova Senses: Focus on what you can hear both in the room and outside. Really listen and identify each sound as you hear it. Alernatively, focus on any smells. Tell yourself what it is you are hearing/smelling and describe it to yourself. Try holding something rough in your hand such as a stone, a shell, a twig etc. and rubbing it whilst really focusing on how it feels. Concentrate on how the ground feels under your feet (if appropriate slip your shoes off) or how solid the chair you are sitting on is underneath you.
  • Distraction: Try different things to see what works for you. On our Facebook group, someone has a metronome that they focus on. You could also try snapping an elastic band on your wrist, turning on some music, popping some bubble wrap, clearing out your handbag, stroking your dog/cat whilst telling it how you are feeling or perhaps you could start planning your dream holiday right down to details such as what clothes you will pack.

These are just some of the things you can try. If you have a technique that really works for you and that you would like to share, then please let us know.



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