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Preparing For Your Neurology Appointment

By on 13 October 2016 in General

Elche One of our Facebook group members came up with a great checklist for getting the most out of your neurology appointment. Thanks Nicole! 1) Write a description of your attacks in advance with as much detail as possible about any auras, what goes on during them, what you experience and what happens post seizure and get an eye witness account written down about the same thing and let the doctor read it.

2) Make sure to discuss any other medical conditions you have been diagnosed with to make sure there is not a link between your seizures and one of those.

3) Bring someone who has seen your seizures with you to the appointment.

4) Stay calm – the appointment should feel like a conversation between you and your doctor, not one person directing another.

5) Remember that they are trained to try and diagnose and a diagnosis has to be agreed between the doctor and the patient – so if you are not happy with your diagnosis tell them and discuss how this diagnosis came about and if there could be anything that has been missed.

6) If you have a video of your attacks show them! It is very hard for them to diagnose anything if they haven’t seen the attacks!

7) Always remember that 99% of doctors came into medicine to help people like us. Unfortunately with hospital targets consultation times are reduced to nothing and doctors are stretched beyond all belief. So if your doctor seems to not want a conversation that could be why (although some just don’t have very good conversation skills and that can’t really be changed). Tags: , , ,


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