Information about non epileptic seizures and Non Epileptic Attack Disorder.

What is NEAD like? One person’s view.

By on 18 November 2015 in General One of the members of our Facebook group posted a great description of how NEAD makes her feel, so we decided to share it here. She was diagnosed in September and at first really struggled but now she is starting to come to terms with having to cope with the condition. This is what she wrote: “My mind is like a corridor, lots of doors, a couple are locked. At the front of my mind is a pile of filing trays with papers piling up, these are all my thoughts. Most of the time there is a draught and these thoughts are whirling round and I’m managing them, trying to sort them into order and file them. Every now and then a door opens and the papers scatter everywhere and causes chaos.
When my seizures happen there are no papers, no filing tray, no doors. It’s still. It’s quiet. So peaceful. For a couple of weeks I stayed like this and whilst it was scary, it actually felt blissful.
Now the papers and filing tray are back but there aren’t so many. Something has changed in my ‘filing’ process.”

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