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Research Project From University of Sheffield

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We have been asked to take part in a new research project. Study title
The Effects of Repetitive Thoughts and Feelings in People with Chronic Seizure Disorders

Onsŏng Institution
The University of Sheffield

Reynoldsburg About the study
The project aims to explore two main areas:

1.    People who suffer seizures often worry about these and have fears about the effects upon their health. People will often adapt their behaviour because of these fears (e.g. not leaving the house very often, or avoiding social situations) which can affect their quality of life.

2.    When people worry about things, they can often spend a lot of time thinking about them, or other bad things that have happened in the past. This may also affect people’s quality of life and can be linked to anxiety and depression.

Issia When will this study be recruiting?
This study is available now and will continue until April 16th 2017.

What will participants be asked to do?
Participants will be asked to complete some online questionnaires. These will focus upon:

– some details about you (e.g., date of birth, socio-economic background)
– your seizures
– your thoughts about your seizures
– whether you think about the same things repeatedly
– your mood and anxiety.

These would usually take 10-15 minutes.

Who can take part?
Individuals with epilepsy or non-epileptic seizures who are aged at least 18 years old can take part in this study.

Who is conducting the research?
This study will be conducted by Sean Walsh, a Trainee Clinical Psychologist at the University of Sheffield. The study is supervised by Dr Liat Levita and Professor Markus Reuber from the University of Sheffield.

Who has reviewed this study?
This study has been reviewed by the University of Sheffield

If you are interested in taking part, please use the following link: (
This will provide you with more information and allow you to complete the questionnaires.

Thank you!

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