Information about non epileptic seizures and Non Epileptic Attack Disorder.

The CODES Trial

By on 20 March 2015 in News

Cenon A trial funded by the National Institute of Health Research is underway to test whether cognitive beahvioural therapy (CBT) helps patients with non epileptic seizures.

buy modafinil in ireland The trial is particularly focusing on the difference in outcomes between those who receive CBT in addition to standardised medical care and those who just receive the standardised medical care. Previous studies have shown that CBT can help people gain better control over their seizures but these studies have been relatively small.

The CODES trial is a much larger study, based across several hospitals. The trial started in June 2014 and will run for 50 months. The trial aims to obtain more definite results than previous studies with the view to improving outcomes for patients with non epileptic seizures. Tags:


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